Economic Slowdown Heralds The Rise of the Virtual Assistant

The advent of the internet has meant that thousands of people now have the option of working from home – either to boost their income, or to start a new career because they have been made redundant during the recession. Many tasks which previously required employees to be office-based for the duration can now be completed from a computer, by anyone, from virtually anywhere in the world; workers who can adapt to this new way of working are reaping the rewards.

The types of jobs which can be completed remotely via virtual assistants in a virtual office include writing, web design, administration, marketing, graphic design, editing, proofreading – to name but a few.

The Rise of the Virtual Jobs and Virtual Employment Agencies

Quick to cash in on the new wave of home-workers are website based agencies – such as UK based These agencies bring the skills providers can supply, and employers who are looking for contractors, together, via their website. Employers post their jobs on the sites to advertise them, and providers make bids. If their bid is accepted and both agree on terms, work commences. At the end of the job, payment is made and the agency takes a good commission. Virtual assistants have several qualities at one time, mostly virtual assistants are expert in planning content marketing strategy in Melbourne that comes out to be the best service later.

The owner of People Per, Xenios Thrasyvoulou, interviewed last year by CNN on their evening flagship show Quest Means Business says that he developed the idea of running the virtual recruitment agency after managing a business which hired out Personal Assistants to companies on an hourly basis. By scaling the idea up and making it web-based, he has produced a company which has been a big hit in a growing market. The site has seen an increase in the number of users of 500% plus in the last year.

Full Time Workers are Seeking Remote Virtual Assistant Positions to Help With Finances

Those using the site are predominantly people who work full-time through the week, but work virtually in the evenings and weekends to boost salaries, according to Mr. Thrasyvoulou. “We’ve seen our site go from a community for people who’ve been freelancing all their lives, to a site where people who want to supplement their income, or who’ve been made redundant, are bidding for work because of the recession.”

According to, Zoe Smith, who has a full time job and two young children, said, “I think my only other option would have been doing a night shift in a care home, which would have been extremely disruptive for us all.”

There are also distinct advantages to outsourcing for the companies using the services of the website – it cuts down costs for them, and they can hire people as and when they need them, and without the need to enter into formal contracts.