Create Compelling Web Content – Get Noticed

Effective content and copy are essential to any successful online marketing strategy. Getting noticed and standing out amongst the ubiquitous information that is posted on the web is paramount in leveraging achievement in today’s viral, digital environment. Times have changed with the meteoric speed of technology so the days of typical, creative, catchy and long storyboards are over and the K.I.S.S. model of quick simplicity with headline attention-grabbing blogging is now status quo. People are busier than ever and do not have time to read copious amounts of information, therefore, less is more as ‘chunking’ is now the method du jour.

Create Web Content and Copy That Sells

Creating compelling copy is both an art and science. Words have to be contrived skillfully to influence someone to take action such as a query, purchase, subscription, follow, bookmark or share of information, view of a link to an article/video, etc.. Persuasive techniques need to be applied to derive a desired response. Smart writing strategy should:

  • Generate traffic
  • Sell products/services/article marketing
  • Acquire subscriptions
  • •Attract Links

Easy Tips for Good and Effective Blog Copy that gets Noticed

Digital marketing services play very vital role when it comes to copywriting easy tips. Writing attention getting headlines are imperative and serve as the first impression for a prospective reader. If the headline is not captivating, then, the next line and the next sentence, and next after that, etc. will never get read. Needless-to-say, the more powerful the headline, the more likely that a larger percentage of people will be interested in what is being marketed.

Writing copy for SEO – Search Engine Optimization, may seem daunting at first, however, after using simple a simple process with practice, the task will facilitate with time and become habit and an internet marketer’s greatest resource. Despite traditional SEO used to target keyword phrases and in particular, densities and frequencies, research shows that 85% of the comprehensive factors determining how a web page is ranked in a search engine is, rather, based on activity off the page. Even though search engine algorithms have evolved to remedy the trust and credibility of a domain, readers’ opinions on content and descriptive words used in links, keywords are still vital in deeming status, quality and relevance.

Strategy to Increase Rank & Traffic through Keywords and SEO

Popularity still reigns in SEO as social media platforms and blogging now offers a multitude of people to cast their “like” votes on what is seen as relevant by either actively linking to it, easily sharing and bookmarking it and/or tweeting it. The following guidelines will help in getting content noticed:

  1. Use the Google Keyword Tool to search for specific, descriptive words and phrases that your target market will be searching for. Try a search with the desired keyword or phrase “allintitle name of keyword” and if there are less than one thousand ranks, then there is a good possibility that a blog post, comment or bookmark should be in the top rank if the proper research and web tools are used.
  2. Use a question mark or a dash in the headline to add extra information.
  3. Main keywords should be included in the first 160 characters of content.
  4. The same main keywords should be used at least ten consecutive times in blog posts for deep continuity.
  5. Blog posts should connect to each other as often as possible.
  6. Deep link blog posts at least twice in a post.
  7. Syndicate content on favorite networked blogs (such as Facebook’s Networkedblogs or Liquida) social media sites and/or network tribes.
  8. Follow current news stories to relate and link copy topics to popular news stories/events/holidays as these are already popular and have significant following.
  9. Engage with people when responding to a post or when someone comments on a post.

If the craft of doing keyword research, creating captivating content and setting up blog posts that get noticed is learned, then the world will be a blogger’s/marketer’s domain. Sharing and spreading substantive content will become an unbelievable gateway to reach the masses for little or no cost. A good resource for writing good, definitive eye-catching copy is