What All Businesses Need To Know About SEO

Have you ever happened upon a website while searching for something on the internet by clicking on a link that promises one thing, but delivers something else entirely? How about searching a certain term and clicking a link only to find that instead of useful information, you’re being presented with a random string of words put together that just does not make sense?

Of course you have. You see, not everyone on the internet acts ethically when it comes to promoting their website in search engine results. And this is what led to the creation of Search Engine Optimisation, or as it is commonly referred to, SEO.

SEO services are all about search engines and how they view your website. Google only answers to one group, and that is the customer. Google takes a look at every bit of content created and placed on the website, and gives it a rank or score based on how well it can meet the needs of the consumer.

This might seem fairly straightforward, but the algorithms behind search engines are incredibly intelligent and hard to fool. So what does this mean for the average business owner who just wants to make sure that the right people find his or her website?

It’s simple. You just need to focus on creating content that the consumer will find relevant, using a website that is geared towards the experience of the customer above everything else. 

SEO isn’t a simple switch or code you can implement and then forget about. It is a series of interrelated elements of visible and invisible things that can all make or break your website.

So how can you know offhand if your website has been optimised for SEO? Just put yourself in your potential customer’s shoes to get a good idea.

For example, if you are an emergency plumber located in London, do you use the keywords ‘plumber’ and ‘London’ so that when somebody searches for your job description, your website shows up? Does your website have a contact page or emergency number allowing clients to get a hold of you quickly? Does your site take forever to load and can clients look at it on their smart phones?

These are all elements that involve SEO, in one way or another. Elements that if you get right, Google loves, and if you get wrong, Google can even penalise you.

Now if you are worrying about the above, thinking that you don’t have the time to worry about things like keywords and site loading speeds, there is a solution to your problem.

Consulting with an SEO agency could solve your problems and help your website to work for you.

Trusting a professional to manage your site on a day to day basis can have great results for your business, the most obvious being that the right clients will be able to find you and request your services.

What more could any business owner want?