Developing An Internet Marketing Campaign: Ongoing Maintenance

During the course of marketing on the internet, things will change. Trends will happen and things will shift. What worked to put the site on page 1 yesterday finds it on page 29 today. The only way to be sure to stay on page one within an internet marketing campaign is through ongoing maintenance. Although trend of internet marketing in Melbourne is at peak but it always needs maintenance.

The initial parts of the Reseach Phase, Line of Attack Phase, and Action Phase have been completed, but for a living breathing site, these will need to be reevaluated, reassessed, and reworked periodically.


It is a good idea to keep analyzing what the Most Desirable Customer (MDC) is searching for and keep a list of the keywords they may use updated on an ongoing basis. This may mean that once a month time is set aside to monitor the competition, look at the success of the keywords that are being used, and in general look to the success of the website.

Line of Attack

Since the line of attack will also change over time so will the line of attack. New trends will emerge and technologies will evolve. Over the course of the last couple of years the emergence of social networks sites like Facebook and Twitter have change the face of the internet and those who choose not get on the wave face the possibility of being left behind.

Someone who builds and maintains a website must also be able to keep up with these trends, learn the new technology, and anticipate how to implement them to their benifit. Perhaps it will be some new social website, maybe a new application for the iPhone or Android, but most likely it will be something that is so totally new, that most won’t really understand how to use the new technology right away. Keep anticipating.

Re-Building the Site?

Like everything else updates must be made, these changes in attack formation must be realigned and implementing new techniques must be examined and experimented with. Sometimes, by making small changes and then monitoring the effects. Other times a complete overhaul is required to keep up with the times.

No matter what is needed, the ability to provide a solution to the end user is what the net effect must reflect. It is also important to take notes on what changes have been made so that if something goes south there is a track of what was done and when.

Tracking Success

Creating a successful internet marketing campaign takes a lot of work and effort and it requires an ongoing commitment to making sure everything is working correctly. By tracking success and failure a site will be able to maintain a visible presence in the world of the internet.

Building a better mouse trap is a good idea, but unless that good idea is able to get out to the people who need it, it is effectively invisible. Building an effective internet marketing campaign is a lot of work, but in the end the rewards will be worth it.